Monthly Archive: July 2011

Jul 21

How To Speed Up Your Computer Part 2

Now we get into the registry part of speeding up your machine. Remember, to access your registry you’re going to click Start and click Run (Win Vista and higher you just type it in the search box at the bottom) and type “regedit” and hit enter. Here are the two locations of the folders you …

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Jul 14

How To Speed Up Your Computer Part 1

Now some of these steps aren’t really recommended for beginners, you’re messing around in areas of your computer that can mess your whole computer up if not dealt with correctly. Laptop Repairs are to be done correctly and cautiously. One good place to start if you haven’t done it lately is Disk Defragmenter, a free …

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Jul 11

Is Online Computer Repair (Remote Computer Repair) Safe?

I so often see the question, “Is online/remote computer repair safe?” Well let’s look at the facts. As new of an idea as this may seem to you, remote computer repair has been around for years now. The concept isn’t all that complicated once the software is in place. An online computer repair technician assists …

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