Jul 14

How To Speed Up Your Computer Part 1

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Speed up your PC yourself!

Now some of these steps aren’t really recommended for beginners, you’re messing around in areas of your computer that can mess your whole computer up if not dealt with correctly. Laptop Repairs are to be done correctly and cautiously. One good place to start if you haven’t done it lately is Disk Defragmenter, a free system tool that comes with windows. What this does is puts files back together that should be together so that your hard drive can access them more quickly. You can find Disk Defrag under Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools. This may take awhile if you haven’t run this in awhile/ever.

Second step, or maybe even your first step should’ve been, check out your hard drive space available. According to my friends at nettoyersonmac.fr – you should probably have at least 10-20% free at minimum. To do this either under “Start” or on your desktop, double-click “My Computer” (“Computer” in newer operating systems). Right click on your C:\ and go to properties, that’s the amount of used/free disk space you have.

Next step is nice and easy also. Under Start/Programs, you have a folder named Startup, these are some of the programs starting with your computer. If you don’t need any of them, delete them. If it’s empty, move on. The next location of startup applications is the dangerous place to mess around in, your computers registry.

To access your computers registry, click Start/Run (New operating systems just type it right in “Search programs and files.”) and type in “regedit” and hit enter. Once in here, you’re going to need to navigate to 2 places, two different start up folder locations.¬†Want to keep reading? ¬†Check out part two of this article.

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