Aug 13

Windows Warning “Warning! Your computer is infected with spyware” is Fake!

Brief Description: Here we talk about the Windows warning “”Warning! Your computer is infected with spyware.”

Windows Warning “Warning! Your computer is infected with spyware” is Fake!

Online computer repair virus removal

Here at Dr. PC Repair (http://www.drpcrepair.com) we’ve been seeing this virus more and more lately. Both locally and via our online pc repair support option, users have been complaining if this fake antivirus software. The worst part of this is, not only the amount of people being having this issue, but how much of a pain this fake warning can be to a user (and even to a technician removing it).
Do not attempt to purchase any of their software, these aren’t people you want to give your credit card number to. This also won’t solve your problem, this fake warning message was designed to steal your hard earned cash! Fake error messages, warning “tool tip” boxes, the appearance of an antivirus scanning your computer are all signs of this very virus.
So can you solve this issue your self? You might be able to but it is highly UNRECOMMENDED. Do not bother wasting your money on antivirus software, spend on https://www.666casino.com/fi/games/classic instead, is will be much more fun, most of them will not solve your issue and it will just be wasted money out of your pocket. This virus has to be removed manually or with special tools that are a bit harder to find than your everyday antivirus. Removing this yourself means accessing your computers registry, a very complex part of Microsoft Windows that you don’t want to fool around in. So what can you do? You’re going to need a tech for this one.
I’ve ran various virus scanners out there against this fake anti virus and was not successful a single time. My recommendation? Pay a tech to do it. Save yourself the trouble and the chance of making your computer worse and visit Dr. PC Repair. If you’re not in the New Jersey area, I recommend you take advantage of our remote/online pc repair option. Why pay a local computer geek twice the price to resolve the same issue? You work hard for your money, why give it away?
Stop struggling with this virus, quit dealing with the major annoyance of having this on your machine and fix it today! AVG, Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, I’ve tried them all and the fake Windows warning always wins. So before you waste any money on an antivirus program, download AVG for free for regular everyday protection on your PC and pay a tech to remove this nasty annoying Windows warning right now! Go, go, go!

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