Monthly Archive: October 2011

Oct 28

One-Time Password Security Measures

One-Time Password Security Measures One-Time Passwords (OTP’s) are exactly that, passwords that are only used one time. The passwords are generated one of two ways, time synchronized or counter synchronized. Both of these methods use the same algorithm to create the password. The good thing about OTP’s is that it creates strong security. Not only …

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Oct 25

Computer Ports: Their Purpose and Dangers

Ports: Their Purpose and Dangers A port can be defined as a connection point used by software to exchange data. Two of the most common examples of computer ports are TCP and UDP ports. Both of these ports are used to exchange data among computers on the internet. In this paper I will talk briefly …

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Oct 22

How to Install and Configure Apache

In this write up I’m going to teach you how to install and configure Apache. First login as usual and sign in with root privileges by typing “su.” Here it will prompt you for your password. Create a folder named Lab06 in your /home/(username goes here)/ directory and then change to your tmp folder. In …

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Oct 21

AD, LDAP & Some Involved Services

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, also known as LDAP, is a protocol created to gain access to directory services so that you can grab data. A directory service is a service, done by software, that organized, stores and presents access to the information stored inside it. Active directory is a type of directory service made by …

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Oct 18

Zero Day (0 Day) Attacks

The Severity of Zero Day Attacks A zero day attack can be defined as an attack that is performed by taking advantage of a problem or “hole” found in the creation of software (Ex: Microsoft Windows) unexpectedly. These attacks may be performed before the problem with the software is even public information. This usually occurs …

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