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May 24

Build a PC for $300 by The Online Computer Repair Services Experts

How to Build a Computer on a $300 Budget Building a great PC on a strict budget is not only possible, it’s much more rewarding than spending the same amount of $$ on a store-bought one-size-fits-most, just as rewarding as getting the best comparing mortgages for your new home. If you need any help along …

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May 09

Speeding Up Your Computer Part 3

Now in the last article I mentioned how some software can negatively impact the performance of your computer. I used, and always use, AOL as an example. There are so many things packed into AOL software, so many of which not a lot of people even use, that this piece of software can be terrible …

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May 09

Buying a Laptop as Told by Online Computer Repair Experts

Over time, the initially popular and most preferred desktops have been replaced by laptops.  Initially, laptops were avoided because of the high price tags attached to them.  However, things are a little different in recent days.  Advancement in technology has led to the manufacture of lighter, smaller, faster as well as easier to use laptops. …

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Jul 10

Top 4 Linux Distributions for Servers: Tailor it to Your Needs

Linux doesn’t have a large market share on personal computers, but it powers a big chunk of the server world. More than 30 percent of Web sites use Linux as an operating system, W3Techs reports. Linux distributions have a number of advantages over the Windows server environment, such as open source code, better security and …

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Apr 23

Secure Hash Algorithms and IDS Evasion – DOUBLE ARTICLE!

Hash Algorithms Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) can be defined as a set of cryptographic hash functions that were created by the National Security Agency (NSA). They were then published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as a United States Federal Information Processing Standard. There are three differently structured SHA algorithms which are …

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Mar 17

Intermediate Routing FAQ + Answers

Intermediate Routing 1. Qualified-next-hop allows unique pref. values for static routes to the same dest. 2. The default next-hop for aggregate and generated routes is 130. 3. The purpose for the Martian address list is for hosts or network addresses to be ignored. 4. Common uses for routing instances are: creating routing tables (used for …

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Mar 11

Backing Up Your System Data

When running a computer repair business it is important to back up your data. You may have critical information relative to your customers. This information may be names and addresses saved for marketing tactics or credit card numbers for customers that are on a billing plan. The information may also just be saved for future …

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Dec 14

Is Online PC Tech Support (aka Remote PC Tech Support) Safe?

online computer repair services

I so often see the question, “Is online/remote computer tech support safe?” Well let’s look at the facts. As new of an idea as this may seem to you, remote support has been around for years now. The concept isn’t all that complicated once the software is in place. An online computer support technician assists …

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Oct 28

One-Time Password Security Measures

One-Time Password Security Measures One-Time Passwords (OTP’s) are exactly that, passwords that are only used one time. The passwords are generated one of two ways, time synchronized or counter synchronized. Both of these methods use the same algorithm to create the password. The good thing about OTP’s is that it creates strong security. Not only …

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Oct 25

Computer Ports: Their Purpose and Dangers

Ports: Their Purpose and Dangers A port can be defined as a connection point used by software to exchange data. Two of the most common examples of computer ports are TCP and UDP ports. Both of these ports are used to exchange data among computers on the internet. In this paper I will talk briefly …

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