Computer Repair

Slow running computer? Make your computer faster for as low as $49.99! DR PC Repair now also offers remote repair! Online computer repair allows us to fix your computer right from our office!

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DR PC Repair can get your computer repaired right the first time and at a better price than all the rest. Slow running computer? Stop saying "I want to speed up my PC" and act now! Repair or speed up your PC for as low as $45.00! Find out how to speed up your computer!

Contact us for a custom quote. Although we offer flat rates as well, we usually offer discounts depending on the issue at hand.
We can base our pricing on your specific issue.
Our prices generally aren't much higher than listed below.

Diagnostic - $24.99+
P.C. Tune-up - $29.99+
Virus Removal $35.99+
Diagnostic & Repair - $49.99+
Network Setup - $49.99+
Child Safety Package - $29.99+
Computer Training/Tutoring - $25+/hr

Our PC Tune up includes:
* Redeeming used memory
* Updating Windows
* Hard drive defragmenting
* Hard drive optimization
* Startup optimization
* Security scanning with repair
* Driver repair/installation
* Basic virus/spyware removal
* Internet browser optimization
* Unwanted program removal
* Registry optimization
* Internet speed optimization
* Privacy sweeps
* Junk file clean ups